Vitalight Projekt OÜ LED lighting

LED lighting from concept to realization. Vitalight Projekt Ltd. was established in 2013. We are located in Harju County, Tabasalu. Our aim is to provide high-quality, energy-efficient and modern solutions in the field of LED lighting to our customers. Our motto is “More sustainable, greener and carefree life with LED luminaires!”

We offer complete lighting projects from the concept to realization, which consist of:

  • Identification of customer’s lighting needs;
  • Preparation of lighting calculation design documentation;
  • Project payback calculation;
  • Recommendation of installation options with installation.

We use DIALux software in our projects that enables greater accuracy for calculation of luminance and light consistency for outdoor as well as indoor lighting. Customer satisfaction is our priority, so we always find the best effective solution. We prefer recognised manufacturers whose products are durable and of high quality. Download our presentatsion: Vitalight brochure

Why our LED lighting?

  • Energy saving is up to 80%
  • High luminous efficacy lm/W and a large luminous range
  • High colour rendering index (Ra 80);
  • Operates in a wide operating temperature range (-50 ~ + 110 ℃)
  • Balanced, flicker-free illumination;
  • Extremely long lifespan;
  • Effective and safe
  • Lighting control options
  • Warranty up to 8 years

We take care of your lighting and  you save money!

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