ABB AS warehouse lighting project

During the five years cooperation between ABB AS and Vitalight Projekt OÜ, nearly six hundred old metal halide lamps have been changed. Thanks to the technological advancement, we provide our products with a 7 year warranty.

The first fully automated lighting project based on KNX / DALI control was installed in the warehouse of the ABB production building.

Old 450W metal halide luminaires (70 pcs) were replaced by 68 ModuLED MDL1202 DALI luminaires 214W and 10 emergency lights ModuLED MDL401A:

  • The installation height of the luminaires is 9.5 m;
  • Increased average luminance up to 500 lx;
  • The lighting is operated by 10 ABB Skyline KNX motion detectors which control all new luminaires through ABB DALI Gateways.

Thanks to DALI technology, the luminaires work in an energy-saving mode. By means of motion sensors, the light is switched on only in places where there is a movement. There are no switches in the new system.



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