Diesel Service plant lighting project

Energy efficiency and good working conditions are considered important issues in the world. Our company offers an energy-saving lighting solution for the industrial sector, which contributes to energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and improves the quality of lighting.
The lighting project of the Diesel Service Tallinn plant has been carried out in the summer of 2023. This is one of the best examples of a profitable, environmentally friendly and carefree life with our lighting solution.

  • We have chosen high-quality Moduled MDL1202 luminaires for the main lighting as optimal solution.
  • Emergency lighting is performed using Sylvania Resisto Emergency lights.
  • The installation height of the luminaires is 8 m.
  • The average luminance  is increased up to 800 lx.
  • The project has been carried out in cooperation with Elkoral OÜ.

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