RayBase V2 HT/UHT

RayBeam V2 HT/UHT  luminaires are resistant to high operating temperatures up to + 110C and offer long-term use in lighting. RayBeam V2HT is a model of LED industrial luminaire with a power of 30-80W, which is designed for use in particularly difficult ambient conditions. It is an industrial luminaire developed and manufactured in Germany.

  • Luminous flux: 4,200lm, 7,000lm, 11,200lm;
  • Optic option: 120 °;
  • Color temperature 4000K, 5000K;
  • long service life L70B10> 100,000 h;
  • weatherproof IP67;
  • operates at temperatures -30℃~ + 110 ℃;
  • maintenance-free, valid warranty for 5 years.
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RayBase V2HT /UHT  is a high-quality LED luminaire model with power range of 30W-80W. It is an industrial luminaire developed and manufactured in Germany. RayBase V2HT /UHT is  a durable luminaire, which operates properly in difficult ambient conditions.

  • operates in a wide operating temperature range -30C to + 110C;
  • modular overall structure with exchangeable and replaceable main components;
  • high luminous efficacy lm /W;
  • flicker-free light;
  • high color rendering index Ra 80;
  • extremely long service life;
  • maintenance-free, valid warranty of 5 years.

Made in Germany – TempLED.


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